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In the meantime…….

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And, here’s the bio on my Twitch Profile :

I do many e-things + work long hours ..
I stream to meet/hangout with fun people.

“Work Hard . Play Intensely . Laugh Often”

I stream…….

IRL : I love the new In-Real-Life choice {how Justin.tv started!} will definitely add this to my streaming time!

CREATIVE : I make graphics with Photoshop, Illustrator, work on our website, and edit videos #teeddesigns

GAMING : I play random games to relax .. mostly Texas Hold’em, random games on Pogo.com, and an occasional Hearthstone.

AUDIO : I’m always while listening to old sitcoms, the news, random podcasts about MMA, UFC, BJJ, paranormal, et cetera .. suggestions welcome.

CAMS : Random .. me, my keyboard, deer, turkey, squirrels, et cetera.

THE TEED’s : Love, Laughter, and Playful Insanity…….
Hubby = twitch.tv/BobTeed | Son = twitch.tv/TeedMMA

TWITCH COMMUNITIES : Fat Rat Gaming and Pogo.com .. if you stream on these, I will add you to my auto-host.

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BUSINESS : Teed Hosting + Teed Designs #teeddesigns

BLOG : The Teed’s

HOME : New Jersey 08060, southern NJ USA .. across the Delaware River from Philadelphia Pa area / Eastern Time